Some Tips & Advice on Trip to Tibet:

1. Xining and Lhasa – If you prefer a warmer holiday in Tibet, best to visit around May to July. Tempreture is around 15 – 25 degress C.

2. Time difference : Same time zone as Malaysia.

3. Clothing : Suggest casual attire style and layered clothing. In day time one may need only a T-shirt or at the most jacket, but at night one may need a coat. Sport shoes, scarf & hat, gloves, Mask (for cold weather and hygene purpose). 

4. Medication : During the journey, suggest bringing along some vitamin B & C to reduce tiredness. Diamox tablets to avoid acute mountain sickness (set-back is the many side effects), alternatively, try the local medicine “hong jin tian” ( 紅景天) which one may check with hotel staff. Medicine for cold, headache, diarrhea, vomiting should not be missed. Lip gross also is a MUST apart from body/hand lotion and sun-block.

5 Others :  Due to high altitude, suggest to seek for doctor’s advice before making reservation. One must be very fit to visit Tibet. Try to keep healthy not to catch cold before enteringTibet. First day arriving Tibet, suggest not to take bath and smokers not to smoke. Drink plenty of water for the first few days. Dark sun glasses are essential.

6. Electricity : 220 Volts, flat blade plug (bring along a multiple adaptor, just in case).

7. Baggage – If you are taking a train from Xining railway station, make sure you have 2 baggage the most. No vehicles are allowed to enter the front entrance, all passengers have to disembark very far from the main entrance. One have to walk with baggage to the station, and from the station to the train platform with baggage is hard job as to go to the train platform, one have to climb about 20 flights of stairs !

8. Currency : RenMinBi. Credit card only accepted at certain shopping centers or hotels only. 


Wish List for Tibet Travel 2018

Story 1: Potala Palace, Pilgrims and Prayer Wheel

Story 2: Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Streets, local people’s life, Pilgriamge, Lhasa culture

Story 3: The Great Monastery of Drepung and Sera, also see the creation of Sand Mandala

Story 4: The life for the monks in Monastery, see how they cook, how they eat

Story 5: Unique Story of a baby in Tibet. Stories of newborn tested or not worth living. Yarlung Tsangpo River is the  world’s deepest depth rfaches 1000 meters. New Born baby being Depped to the cold river water, when the baby can survive, it means he is worth living, or story of wraping baby with thick blanket to get warm, or stroy of three times shower in a lifetime (birth, marrage and death).

Story 6: About the Nomad, Yaks and Dri, also story of death ritual (died people not buried because of the structure of the land is not good) 

Story 7: Acquainted with Sticking Tongues in several place.

Story 8: Tibetan Mastiff, most expensive dog in the world. However the most expensive Tibetan dogs are probably in Yushu, Qinghai province.

Story 9: Unique Marriage Proposal Ritual. Women who want proposed will be on the tree. The men should meet her and take her down. The obstacles is, family members of the wome under tree that hit the youth with sticks, or another story about the wedding ceremony, groom and bride will be bound by scarves in the neck, they must not be out of home for three days and can marry if appropriate zodiac.

Story10: Polyandrous population, a society where women marry several men. 

Story11: Guthuk, famous vegetarian soup in Tibet. It contains dough balls that are made of flour. Insides you can find small paper and some funny comments, also rock salt inside.

Story12: The house of Kham and their unique stories of colours and function of the roof top.

Story13: Muslim quarter at the roof top of the world is just near the Barkhor and Jokhang Sqaure.

Story14: Ocean of traditional Tibetan songs and dances

Story15: Lots of trekking or day hiking routes are available

Story16: Tibet border Kirong was opened for foreign travelers for a very long time, travelers should plan to arrive in Tibet via Lhasa or Nyingchi.

Story17: All kind of food are available in Lhasa, but not every agency can show you any good ones.

Story18: Mountain Kailash and Lake Manasarovar pilgrimage is not always easy, when to go and how to go.

Story19: There are many entertainment and massages areas in Tibet, where to go and what to experience

Story20: Famous tour attractions such as Lhasa, Yamdrok Lake,e Karola Glacier, Everest Base Camp, Kailash, Lake Mansarvoar, Lake Namtso, Nyingchi, Tsetang, Samye Monastery, etc.

Story21: Tibet altitude is high, average altitude is more than 4000 meters above sea level, how to get your trip smoothly is a question.

To fullfill your wonderful Tibet travel story, a travel tip is that: not all online Tibet travel websites are reliable, travelers had better consider the travel itinerary experience, service details,pricing and the travel season, tour group size. The cheapest is not the best, while the most expensive is not also reasonable. No mater is it called Tibetan or non-Tibetan agent, it is not easy to get a reliable one with reasonable prices.

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